Why you’ll love your Quick-Step bamboo flooring

What is bamboo flooring

What is bamboo flooring?

Quick-Step bamboo floors are made of strands of bamboo, woven and pressed together, thus ensuring a solid end-result. The bamboo is harvested from carefully managed plantations, which are regrown in 5- to 6-year cycles. In other words, choosing bamboo flooring means choosing a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Quick-Step Bamboo consists of two main layers:

  1. A scratch-resistant finishing layer: Quick-Step integrates no fewer than eleven hi-tech coatings with Scratch Resistant Technology (SRT) into a single finishing layer. In other words: you can be sure of an extremely wear-resistant bamboo floor, ready for the rough and tumble of everyday life.

  2. A hard and stable bamboo core: at the heart of Quick-Step bamboo flooring is a 14mm-thick layer of solid bamboo. Thanks to a unique ‘cold pressed’ manufacturing process, all bamboo floors not only have a uniform density, colour and moisture content. They also boast a breathtaking look and feel. Want to change that look over time? No problem: your bamboo floor can easily be sanded and refinished… for a lifetime of pleasure and beauty.

Beautiful design

 The Quick-Step bamboo flooring collections contain some of Australia’s most popular bamboo designs. An authentic, yet contemporary look, long or wide boards: the options are near-endless.

Quick & easy installation

A fast, user-friendly and solid installation system? That is Quick-Step’s solid Uniclic system in a nutshell. Just wait and see: you’ll be able to enjoy your new bamboo floor in no time.

Quality & durability

Quick-Step rhymes — so to speak — with excellent quality. How we can guarantee you that? Well, for one, we have full control over the entire production process. In addition, our in-house quality checks ensure that all our bamboo floors comply with the most stringent manufacturing standards, using only the finest raw materials and finishing lacquer available.

Floors with a heart for nature...

Quick-Step sources bamboo from dedicated plantations which are regrown in 5- or 6-year cycles. The bamboo is not only FSC-certified but also 'E0'-rated for super low emissions. Your best choice, if you want to go green.

Easy maintenance

Keeping your Quick-Step bamboo flooring as shiny as on the very first day? You won’t need magic to do that! The floors’ sealed top layer keeps dirt and dust from accumulating.

Excellent scratch-resistance

The top layer of Quick-Step bamboo flooring is finished with 11 layers of hi-tech SRT coating (Scratch Resistant Technology). That way, your floor gets the highest possible level of protection against damage from falling or scratching objects. Pointy high heels alert? No worry!

25-year warranty

Quick-Step bamboo flooring comes with a lifetime of structural warranty and a 25-year residential wear warranty. You’ll enjoy peace of mind, that much is certain!