How do I prevent scratches on my Bamboo floor?


How do I prevent scratches on my Bamboo floor?

Quick-Step Bamboo floors are very wear and scratch resistant. All Quick-Step Bamboo floors receive a special SRT treatment (Scratch Resistant Technology). However, deep(er) scratches, e.g. caused by dust, sand or grit stuck under shoes can still occur. Therefore, it's important to take a number of preventive measures.

  • Place colour-fast, dirt trapping mats at all external entrances. This will help to keep dirt and grit off your floor as well as absorbing any excess moisture. 

  • Use high density felt floor protectors on the underside of all moving furniture or furniture that may be moved from time to time to help prevent premature wear and scratches.

  • Install protective, clear vinyl chair mats under any office chairs or castor wheels that may be used in areas where Arc Bamboo is installed. Avoid plastic or castor wheel use directly on the surface of your floor.

  • When moving heavy furniture or items back into position after the installation has been completed, use rigid protective sheets on the surface of your floor and avoid sliding or dragging furniture or appliances into place across the surface of your new floor.

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