What is a Bamboo floor?


What is a Bamboo floor?

Quick-Step Bamboo floors are made of strands of bamboo that are woven and pressed into a solid and stable natural floor. The Bamboo used for these floors is harvested from carefully managed forests, which makes it a truly renewable 'green' material.

Quick-Step Bamboo floors have two layers:

1. A scratch-resistant finishing layer

Quick-Step Bamboo floors are finished with 11 coats of hi-tech SRT coating (Scratch Resistant Technology). This makes them more resistant to scratches and to the rough and tumble of everyday life than any other bamboo floor on the market.

2. A hard and stable bamboo core

This 14mm thick layer of solid bamboo is the heart of a Quick-Step Bamboo floor. Thanks to the 'cold pressed' manufacturing process, Quick-Step Bamboo has a greater uniformity in density, colour and moisture content, as well as a more appealing appearance. Moreover, it can be sanded and re-finished in years to come... for a lifetime of pleasure.

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