How do I clean and maintain my Quick-Step floor?


How do I clean and maintain my Quick-Step floor?

The frequent cleaning routine of your Quick-Step floor consists of removing dust and loose dirt. This can be done with a dry microfiber mop.

With the Quick-Step cleaning kit you can clean dry as well as damp (slightly moist). When cleaning dry, the microfiber tissue removes and collects all dirt effectively. For more intensive cleaning, you can clean slightly moist. For this damp cleaning, you can moisten the microfiber tissue with water containing the recommended concentration of Quick-Step cleaning product. Alternatively, you can use a well-wrung floor cloth.

For cleaning floors with bevelled edges or V-grooves, it is recommended to only clean dry as moist cleaning may cause the dirt to accumulate in the bevelled grooves and this might be difficult to remove. For this reason, you should always vacuum the floor first or clean it with a dry microfiber tissue. Then use a damp mop if necessary. Afterwards, always use a dry microfiber tissue to finish cleaning.

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