Mix, match, make your floor unique

Almost everyone integrates something of his or her personality into their interior. A colour accent, decoration, the use of materials … Everyone likes to put their stamp on an interior. Want to take a further creative step and choose a personalised floor? It’s easier than it sounds!

Mix, match, make your floor unique

Opting for a certain type of floor immediately defines the entire atmosphere of the room. Wood, tiles, concrete or some other option each have their own specific character. And you can also combine these different types with one another - for example, a cast floor around the open kitchen, and laminate in the living area.

Quick-Step combinations

If you go for wood, you can also match different types of wood with one another. One especially nice thing about Quick-Step is that you can easily combine all planks. Firstly due to the unique click system, and secondly because you’ll find different colours and accents within the same collection. The oak floors in the Imperio parquet collection, for example, form a beautiful palette of colours.

Creative combinations

Combining different colour tones of the same wood enables you to express your own character in the floor. In this way you give your floor a subtle, playfully personal touch.

Or choose a creative pattern and really free your imagination. You can work with several plank and colour tones from the same collection, or come up with new combinations on your own.

Mix, match, make your floor unique

The possibilities are infinite: select random colours, or choose a transition from dark to lighter colours. This can be done with both laminate and parquet, but vinyl planks also lend themselves perfectly to creating a unique floor. Naturally, you can also combine Quick-Step floor laminate, parquet and vinyl with a concrete or tile floor.