This is what colour means for your home

Are you thinking about giving one or more rooms a new colour? Or are you unsure which colour will go best with your new floor? The right choice of colour is a reflection of your personality in your interior, and creates a unique atmosphere and experience.

This is what colour means for your home

Of course, first of all you have to like the colour, but there is a lot more to choosing a colour than just that. Every colour has a meaning, emotionally as well as purely visually. Some colours are best avoided in certain rooms, and some colours are best used as accents only. Existing colours often have a wide range of variations, which makes choosing the right one even more difficult.

Spacious feeling

Before pulling out the colour chart, you should start with the basics. Which type of room are you decorating, and which mood do you want to evoke? A light colour will make the space feel bigger, while darker colours will make the room seem a little smaller.

Floors in light colours make the room lighter with a more spacious feel, and are particularly suitable for dark furniture. Dark floors offer more contrast and intimacy, and combine well with light walls or darker accent colours.

This is what colour means for your home

This is what colour means for your home


Everyone automatically thinks of floors and walls, but the ceiling also plays an important part. Ceilings are often given a white basic colour, but there are far more possibilities. A light shade to match the walls creates more height, and a darker ceiling makes the room look a little lower and often somewhat more intimate.

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