Quick-Step Balance click vinyl flooring

Long & wide

The brand new Quick-Step Balance Click collection sets new standards and innovates in many ways. It features designs with perfectly matching structures in a long and wide plank size. Each plank has its own, incomparable wood structure and therefore seems more lifelike than ever.

What's more, the new Vinyl Balance Click floors set themselves apart by their natural plank variation. This design feature adds lively colour variations with shades and tones to every plank, resulting in an extremely natural looking floor.

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Why you'll love the new 'Balance Click' vinyl flooring...

Quick-Step Balance click vinyl flooring, perfectly natural look

Perfectly natural look

The extra matt finish, beautiful surface structures and perfectly matching grooves make 'Balance Click' floors the most natural looking vinyl floors ever designed. Soft and comfortable, they’re a joy to walk on every day, even barefoot.

Quick-Step Balance click vinyl flooring, stylish desings

10 stylish designs

Pick your favourite floor from 10 stylish designs. Each of these floors radiates a unique character thanks to the real life details, beautiful surface structures and fascinating colour variations.

Quick-Step Balance click vinyl flooring, excellent stain and scratch resistant

Excellent stain and scratch resistance

'Balance Click' floors are very easy to look after, requiring just a single product for all maintenance. This is thanks to the fully sealed top layer with Stain Guard and Scratch Guard technology. It ensures total protection from scratches, stains and dirt.

Quick-Step Balance click vinyl flooring, quiet soft and waterproof

Quiet, soft & 100% waterproof

Quiet, soft and 100% waterproof... With 'Balance Click' you get all the advantages of vinyl. These floors are a pleasure to walk on, even barefoot. And thanks to their excellent water-resistance, 'Pulse' floors are the perfect choice for wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Quick-Step Balance click vinyl flooring, quick and easy to install

Quick & easy to install

Installing a new Livyn floor is faster and simpler than ever before. The new Uniclic Multifit for Livyn click system is easy, fast and durable. Its drop-down technology provides extra strength thanks to the vertical and horizontal click locking.

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