Quick-Step wood: Mark Cavendish’s choice of flooring


For a world-famous cyclist like Mark Cavendish, only the best is good enough. His mansion in Tuscany, Italy, is a prime example of this. The main eye-catcher? Quick-Step’s Variano hardwood flooring, making the country house look stunningly bright and spacious.

Distinctive taste

The floors in Quick-Step’s Variano hardwood collection blend in naturally with the contemporary interior design of the home’s living spaces, which feature a lot of glass and white surfaces. Moreover, the renovated, reclaimed look and subtle edges, cracks and colours of these floors were a perfect match for Mark’s distinctive taste.

“I looked through stacks of flooring samples”, Mark explains. “But I fell in love head over heels with the Variano Painted White Oak Oiled. I love how it’s now a major part of the house.”

I love how the Variano Painted White Oak Oiled flooring is now a major part of the house.

Authentic, lasting look

Mark’s stunning floor perfectly captures the authentic look of wood. Furthermore, because the planks are treated with Quick-Step’s high-quality oil, the floor ages gracefully and develops its own unconventional character over time. The carefully selected oak wood also ensures optimal stability and durability, while the white tones fit seamlessly with the mansion’s modern design.

A love of contrasts

“This house is where I can enjoy family life without having to be ‘Cavendish the cyclist’ all the time”, Mark explains. It does still feature a fitness room, though. There, he opted for Quick-Step’s Natural Noble Oak Matt hardwood flooring. The organic oak look and long, elegant planks add a sense of space to the room. At the same time, the natural colours contrast marvellously with the gleaming metal and plastic of the training equipment.

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