How do you remove urine from a wooden floor? 

With a pet around, a home instantly becomes a much livelier place to be. Playing, cuddling, romping about: what could be more fun? Still, your furry friend may have a little accident from time to time. No need to panic; there’s an easy solution! The only thing you need is a bucket, a mop and Quick-Step cleaning agent.

Did you just discover a little puddle? 

Get some paper towels as quickly as possible. Put these on top of the puddle to absorb the moisture. Next, take a damp cloth and wipe the spot clean. 

Were you too late, and has the puddle dried up? 

Take a dishcloth and wipe the spot thoroughly with it. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to for Quick-Step cleaning agent. Moisten a cloth with the product and wipe it over the spot. You can use as much as you want, as long as you thoroughly clean the surface afterwards. Once the spot has been removed, treat your floor with oil, but try to restrict this to the floorboards that have been affected. If your floor is varnished, the best solution is to varnish your floor again. Your floor will be as good as new again!

Say goodbye to accidents thanks to this method!

Although you know that your furry friend did not do this on purpose, you may want to avoid it happening again. Use these tips to get your dog housebroken in no time at all!

1. Walk him in time and feed him at the same times every day.
2. Is your dog starting to sniff about? Time to take him outside!
3. When you are walking your dog, always take him to the same place for a tinkle.
4. Reward him every time he relieves himself outside.

There! Now you’re ready to enjoy some cosy moments at home with your pet.

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