Take a look inside the home of interior design blogger Jen Bishop

Jen Bishop is the author of The Interiors Addict, one of Australia’s leading home and lifestyle blogs. So, when she needed a new floor for her own house, Jen was determined to go all the way and explore every option.

What started out as a hobby back in 2011, quickly grew into a full-time job for Jen. Today, The Interiors Addict has around 90.000 Australian readers, more than 70.000 Facebook fans and over 80.000 followers on Instagram. Those are some impressive numbers, which the blog earned by offering the latest trends and news in the world of interior design and lifestyle, all enriched with a nice personal touch from the lovely Jen.

“My husband and I recently bought a house in Sydney that needed a lot of renovating”, Jen tells us. “This was obviously a great chance for me to put my experience as a blogger into practice. The house was dated and there was no consistency when it came to the floors. We had dark parquet floors in the front rooms and pine boards or cork in the rest of the house. We knew right away that changing the floors would have a big impact on the general look and feel.”

Looking for a new floor?

Here are 5 reasons why Jen picked out the ‘Classic oak beige’ from the Impressive Ultra collection.

  • Why did you choose laminate?
    “I chose the Impressive Ultra laminate because it’s waterproof. I wanted something durable, easy to clean and able to withstand spills etc. in the kitchen. This option was hardwearing but also really good looking.”

  • What made you go for the ‘Classic oak beige’ colour?
    “I’m not a big fan of warm tones and I love the cool oak tones of this particular colour. It was just the perfect neutral.”

  • Is there a particular reason you’ve picked the normal plank size?
    “Some of our rooms are quite small, so they wouldn't have suited the longer and wider planks, even though they would have been great in our larger rooms like the living room.”

  • What about the finishing?
    “I love that we have some grooves and knots. Not just for the look, but for the feel too. It really makes for a realistic timber experience.”

  • How did you determine the installation direction of the floor?
    “We have a long, single-story house with a long hallway, so the planks were always going to have to go lengthways in that direction. For us, the direction was an easy choice.”
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Why Quick-Step?

As an interior design blogger, Jen knew all the major flooring brands and suppliers. “I had always heard great things about Quick-Step and was impressed with their innovation. I also loved the samples I saw in showrooms and was reassured by the 25-year guarantee. I borrowed multiple samples from the local showroom and I would advise everyone to do the same, as they will look different under normal residential lighting and in natural light, as well as in different parts of your home.

Jen and her husband always knew they wanted an engineered floor rather than solid timber for practical reasons: “It’s water and scratch resistant and very easy to clean. We’ve got a little kid running around and riding trikes and goodness knows what else in the house, so our new floors needed to be able to handle a lot of wear, spills and all kinds of accidents. The remaining question was: should we go for laminate or vinyl?”



Balancing the pros and cons

“From a look and a quality perspective, I found laminate and vinyl to be very competitive”, Jen says. “They both have a lot of design and colour variations, convincingly resembling real wood. They are equally easy to clean and there’s not a big difference in price between the premium quality versions of both. Laminate is more scratch resistant, but not all types are waterproof. Vinyl, on the other hand, is waterproof and softer to walk on.

After a lot of comparing, Jen choose the >Impressive Ultra 'Classic oak beige' laminate, a waterproof and extra durable floor with authentic colour, design and structure – including a super realistic bevel that mimics a genuine timber floor finish. “We absolutely wanted something light to brighten up our home, which doesn’t have great natural light everywhere. Our interior style is quite classic with a modern twist, so a light oak floor complemented this perfectly. It’s light neutral, not too warm or pale, and I really loved the realistic wood grain. I honestly never knew laminate could look and feel this great.”

Perfect result

For the installation, Jen contacted the professionals that were recommended by their local Quick-Step retailer. “We’re both not very handy and there was a lot of levelling to be done, so it was quite an expert job. But I have to say, we’re over the moon with the result. I'm just in love with how it looks and how it has transformed our home. I’m still pinching myself it’s the same house, to be honest! Even months of trike-riding later, it’s still as good as new.”

© Photo credits: Jacqui Turk