3 reasons why traditional oak wood flooring remains an all-time favourite

For centuries, oak has been the world’s favourite floor covering. And even today, ‘traditional’ oak wood flooring remains strong. Let’s find out why...

Traditional oak wood flooring

1 – It’s extremely durable

Oak wood flooring is praised for its longevity. Think of the old mansions built centuries ago: their oak wood floors are still very much intact and proof that oak as a wood species is extremely durable.

2 – It offers the best of both worlds

Although traditional, oak wood floors are never old-fashioned. In fact, with its range of modern finish options, oak lends itself perfectly to any interior, even in the most modern of rooms. Available in a vast variety of grain patterns, every oak floor will also add a unique, idiosyncratic touch to your room.

3 — It comes in many different colours

Many different species of oak — in as many colours — are available for hardwood flooring. The most popular ones? Definitely red and white oak! Red oak — the most affordable of the two — not only offers unique reddish pink tones, but also distinct grain patterns, which create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. White oak, on the other hand, has less pronounced patterns and creates a more airy look, making it the perfect choice for modern interiors.

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