The perfect floor for your home office

Imagine commuting to work in less than a minute. No traffic jams. No need to rush or find a car park… Sounds tempting? No wonder many people choose to telecommute. But fitting your workplace inside your home is not an obvious task. Here are a few aspects worth considering when trying to find the perfect flooring for your home office.

The perfect floor for your home office

Step into my office

Before decorating your home office, you might want to ask yourself whether you’ll be the only one using it. Maybe clients or colleagues will come over? Nothing says “step into my office” more than a warm office floor. Look for the right Laminate, Livyn or Hardwood floor to add that extra dash of comfort to your new favourite workplace. After all… you’ll spend most of your day in it.

Make it work-proof

There’s no office without coffee or castor chairs, not even at home. But coffee gets spilt and castor chairs can leave marks on your floor. Make sure it’s easy to clean and has protective layers – like Quick-Step Laminate, Livyn and Hardwood. So you won’t have to worry about stains, wear or scratches. To find out more about using castor chairs on Quick-Step floors, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section on this website.

Home sweet home

Offices can look cold and uninviting at times. Let your home office break the mould by choosing the right floor and colour. It only takes a shade of red and orange for a floor to make your office look warmer and comfier, so you can work in a relaxing environment. Need some inspiration? Here you can find a lot more tips on colour and interior.