Linoleum flooring: how about these alternatives?

Linoleum is a good flooring option. It is natural and durable, but you have to wax it to keep it looking good. Did you know about there are some practical and highly convenient alternatives like vinyl or laminate flooring?

Is linoleum flooring too sterile or industrial for your plans? Maybe you should consider other resilient flooring options such as laminate or vinyl.

Linoleum flooring

Vinyl: warm & soft

An excellent alternative is vinyl: resilient, sound absorbing and hypoallergenic. But, unlike with linoleum, which requires the skilled hands of a professional, you can install vinyl yourself, saving time and money along the way. Moreover, it feels really warm and soft. And thanks to its waterproof top layer, your vinyl floor is easy to maintain.

Laminate: versatile & water-resistant

Have you considered laminate as a linoleum alternative? You will discover plenty of options in colour, plank size, grooves, … Did you know some of today’s laminate flooring is 100% water-resistant? The Impressive Ultra collection, for instance, not only looks, but also feels extremely natural. Go and take a look, you’ll be surprised!

Easy to install & maintain

Both laminate and vinyl come with additional benefits. They are easy to install, available with an easy-to-use click system, and you can maintain them with a minimal effort. What are you waiting for?

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