How to choose the right wood style with Quick-Step’s wood grading system

Different parts of a tree produce wooden floors with a different appearance and texture The Quick-Step wood grading system gives you a good impression of how your floor will eventually look.

Quick-Step’s wooden floors are sorted into four distinct categories. Each category has its typical colour variations, number of knots, knot sizes and prevalence of lighter coloured sapwood. These characteristics result either in a smoother or more rustic look.


Quick-Step hardwood finesse

The ‘Finesse’ category consists of wood presenting few and small knots, each no larger than 5 mm in diameter. The planks have a uniform colour, with only slight variations in structure. Finesse planks do not contain any sapwood (the outermost part of a trunk or branch which typically is lighter in colour).


Quick-Step hardwood nature

The knots in ‘Nature’ planks can be up to 20 mm in diameter and are slightly more numerous than in a ‘Finesse’ floor. Stained products in this category can contain sapwood, while non-stained flooring won’t. Variations in colour and structure are allowed, but remain rather subtle.


Quick-Step hardwood marquant

These brightly coloured and structured planks will contain multiple knots with a maximum diameter of 50 mm. As is the case in the ‘Nature’ category, stained products may contain sapwood, while non-stained won’t. The result is a floor with a moderate ‘rustic’ character.


Quick-Step hardwood character

Large and dark filled knots and cracks give a unique—hmm...—character to this category. Lively colour variations and vivid structures create a distinct rustic appearance. The use of sapwood—which typically has a lighter colour—adds a unique touch.