The perfect floor for all your new attic decorating plans

Your own private loft, a spare bedroom, a place to play music … Are you bursting with plans to use that extra space in your home, if only you had it? Transform your attic: that’s the solution you’ve been looking for. Give your new ideas a solid basis with Quick-Step’s help.

The perfect floor for all your new attic decorating plans

Good preparation is half the work

Before you are able to transform your attic into the perfect hobby room or a romantic bedroom for your guests, you have quite some planning to do. Is the roof structure sound, and has the roof been insulated? Is the living area underneath the sloping roof big enough? Do you have stairs that give easy access to the attic? Do the old floors have enough bearing capacity for your new plans? Make sure to take all of the requirements into account.

Time to roll up your sleeves

Once you have all your ducks in a row, it’s time to get started. The basis of any successful attic make-over? The right floor! And that’s where Quick-Step comes into play. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of your old floor: Quick-Step has floors so thin that you can install them right on top. If the floor isn’t completely even, a suitable underlay will do the trick.

Laminate or vinyl?

Laminate and vinyl are both hard-wearing and easy to maintain. You can choose any size, shape and colour. Laminate is scratch resistant and eco-friendly. Vinyl floors on the other hand are waterproof and make no cracking sounds. Whichever you choose, our quality is always assured. To make choosing easier, Quick-Step has compared the advantages for you.

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