Three reasons why reclaimed wood is worth considering

Three reasons why reclaimed wood is worth considering

Floors needn’t always be made of recently felled timber. The wood retrieved from old floors, railroad sleepers, barns or fallen trees offers many eye-catching flooring possibilities. Discover three reasons why reclaimed wood floors are really worth considering.

1. Every floor has a (hi)story

If only some floors could speak! Behind every reclaimed wood flooring, there’s a history that adds a touch of timelessness to your home interior. Not only has reclaimed timber proven to withstand the ravages of time, its attractive patinas are a silent witness to its unique past.

2. It’s green

History doesn’t impress you? Then, bear in mind that reclaimed wood reduces your ecological footprint. Since no existing trees are felled, a reclaimed wood floor is the green way to go. Reusing wood otherwise destined to be wasted preserves existing forests and saves limited natural resources… It doesn’t get any eco-friendlier than that!

3. It’s unique

Reclaimed hardwood floors – like Quick-Step’s Variano collection – dare to be different. Their weathered edges, cracked knots and vintage look add a unique panache to your interior. Looking for that natural, reclaimed look, but with a softer, more romantic touch and feel? Browse through Quick-Step’s Laminate and Vinyl floors: you’ll discover countless patina floors with an unrivalled rural finish.