What can you do with the wood from your old floor?

Summer’s here: the perfect time to make some major décor changes around the house. A new floor can breathe new life into your home. But what should you do with your old wood flooring boards? Find out how you can give them a durable second life.

DIY - What can you do with your old floor?

Think before you act

Are your flooring boards still in good condition and would you like to sell them? Then, keep that in mind before you start breaking out the floor. Be careful to maintain their value. One tip: hardwood floors with the Uniclic Multifit system are as easy to remove as they are to install. If the planks are too damaged, or you are afraid to part with the memories attached to them, it’s time to find your inner creative self!

Roll up those sleeves: DIY

Perhaps you can already think of 1001 upcycling ideas, ranging from ambitious projects to simple solutions. A unique, wooden mat at your front or back door, for instance. Just drill a few holes in little planks of the same size, weave through and tie in some rope, and done! Or what about a picture frame or a rustic fence in your back yard?

Up for a DIY challenge? If so, try and make little doors for your kitchen cupboard, construct a practical desk or put together a coffee table. Pinterest offers loads of inspiration. Not much of a handy person? Ask friends, family or neighbours if they could use your flooring boards.

What to do with your old floor?

What you should avoid

Whatever you plan to do with your old floor, burning the treated wood is not a good idea. And if you decide to put off your DIY plans, store the wood in a dry place and off the ground.

Want a floor with a reclaimed wood look? Use the Floor Advisor to find out if it’s perfect for you.