What’s the best floor type for people with allergies?

People suffering from allergies have to take certain measures to avoid exposure to allergens. For instance, by following an adapted diet or avoiding the company of pets. Floors can be a source of allergens as well. In fact, they are the best place to start when making your household completely allergy-proof.

About allergies

Half of the world’s population suffers from some sort of allergy. Exposure to a specific substance causes their immune system to react like it would to a malign virus or bacteria. This can manifest itself in all kinds of allergic reactions, including red eyes, eczema or a runny nose.

Taking counter-measures

Typical sources for allergic reactions are certain types of food, insect bites, different kinds of fabric, or mites. Avoiding these allergens is the obvious first step in coping with an allergy of any kind. But, as those among you suffering from an allergy undoubtedly know, this is often easier said than done.

Quick-Step floors ideal for people with allergies

From the ground up

Making your home allergy-proof is quite an endeavour. As dirt and dust accumulate and get stuck into grooves, any floor in your home can be a source of nasty allergens. That’s why it is important to have a floor that prevents accumulation of dirt and is easy to clean.

Quick-Step offers a choice in allergy-friendly floors, including hardwood, laminate and Livyn luxury vinyl. Engineered hardwood flooring, for instance, has a surface that is easy to maintain, thus making it the perfect floor covering for people with allergies. And, of course, it offers a warm and comfortable feel to your home to boot.