Create your own imperial palace with extra-large wood flooring

Want to create a majestic interior while preserving its homely character? Then extra-large plank flooring — with its imperial look and feel — is perfect for you.

Quick-Steps extra large plank flooring with imperial look

The warmth of wood flooring

Choosing the right kind of flooring is essential if you wish to preserve the homely character and charm of your house. Hardwood planks are ideal to create a warm and cosy living space. Hardwood flooring represents quality and durability in many other ways as well.

Regal splendour

Because of their exceptional size, wide hardwood planks provide countless benefits in terms of design. They lend each room an untold sense of depth and exclusivity. Not large or wide enough? Change the direction of the hardwood planks to add that something extra.

Worried about installing these extra-large planks yourself? Think again! Their size actually makes the installation process easier.

An authentic look for years to come

Imperio hardwood planks exude true craftsmanship. Every design detail contributes to their authentic look and feel. Their subtle joints on all four faces of the planks, for example, add a sense of grandeur. In addition, the top layer of these planks includes an ultra-protective wear-resistant coat and a matt varnish or natural oil finish, ensuring a quality that lasts. Imperio plank sizes add the perfect finishing touch to your home. What’s more, the boards come in a variety of rich colours, giving you ample design options.

Tempted by the unique features of extra-large hardwood flooring? Check out the Quick-Step Floor Advisor to see what Imperio flooring can do for your interior.