Four things to check before buying a hardwood floor

So, you’ve decided to buy a hardwood floor? Congrats! But picking the right one should not be rushed. These four practical steps will help you make a smart purchase.

Things to check before buying a Quick-Step hardwood floor

1 – Choose a suitable colour

As a general rule, dark colours should be avoided in small rooms or rooms with low ceilings. Moreover, your floor colour should ideally contrast with your wall and furniture tints.

But a lot also depends on the look you want to create. Do you prefer a classic look? Go for natural unstained wood or traditional shades of brown. Dark and black tones, on the other hand, go well with modern interiors.

2 – Check your underlay

Do you have underfloor heating? Then hardwood floors, except for ash and beech, are definitely an option as long as you pick the right underlay. What’s more, the choice of underlay will also define the acoustic insulation.

3 – Calculate the real cost

The ‘cost per square metre’ of your hardwood floor is just one aspect of the cost. Ask your retailer to calculate the total cost of your floor, including delivery, installation, removal of old floors, subfloor preparation ... That way, you’ll have a realistic idea of the overall price.

4 – Try before you buy

A hardwood floor is a significant investment. You can ask some floor manufacturers, such as Quick-Step, to send a flooring sample and check how your dream floor matches your home. Want to see different types of hardwood floors in your very own home interior? Make sure to give Quick-Step’s Floor Advisor a try!