Quick-Step Parquet floors: hardwood flooring with an authentic finish

What are the first things you consider when selecting the right wooden flooring for your home? Apart from the quality and colour of the wood or the size of the planks, the finish has a major impact on the look and feel of a room. It determines whether your parquet floor will add warmth and character, light and refinement, pure romance, or a fresh look to your interior.

Originality is in the details, not in the least when it comes to your parquet planks. Aged edges, cracked knots, a saw cut texture and variations in colour bring a floor to life, adding a new dimension to any kind of interior. What really separates Quick-Step’s Parquet from other engineered wooden flooring is the perfect balance between the real wood feel and the craftsmanship displayed in the range of high quality finishes.

Brushed surface

Quick-Step Parquet brushed structure

Quick-Step pulls out all the stops to achieve the perfect finish. A brushed surface gives any hardwood floor that beautiful natural grain texture, making it a real eye-catcher. Combined with a white surface colour and a light interior, these brushed planks create a soft, romantic and inviting ambience.

Saw cuts

Quick-Step Parquet sawcut structure

Random saw marks on the surface call to mind craftsmanship and emphasise the natural character of the wooden planks. Take Quick-Step’s grey Imperio plank: the very texture of the saw cuts, perceptible to touch, adds a sense of history and grandeur to a room.

Aging effect: crafted edges

Quick-Step Parquet crafted structure

Our crafted floors have the authentic look of a wooden floor which has aged gracefully. Wouldn’t you agree that the little dents and aged edges on the long side of the planks add character and soul to your parquet?

Aging effect: timeworn look

Quick-Step Parquet timeworn structure

The authentic look and sloping aged edges are reminiscent of yesteryear, calling to mind images of a master carpenter carefully crafting every plank.

Finding your favourite finish

Check all of our wooden floors and see how different natural wood finishes would look like in your own interior, using our online Floor Advisor.

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