Looking for quality? Three wood flooring features you absolutely need to check!

Picking a brand-new floor is a major investment. So, you want to make the perfect choice right away. Here, you’ll find three essential quality checks for wood flooring.

Three wood flooring features

1 – What type of finishing layer is used?

The icing on the cake is what meets the eye first. That also goes for high-quality flooring. Make sure to start your examination with the type of finishing layer you’d like for your floor. Is it optimised in terms of wear-resistance, to ensure your floor will last for many years to come?

Quick-Step’s wooden floors, for instance, are treated with no fewer than seven layers of UV-cured water-based lacquer. This finishing protects against wear, scratches and stains. Quick-Step’s oiled wood floors, on the other hand, come with two layers of quality modified oil, creating an authentic and — most importantly — durable result.

2 – Does the floor guarantee optimal stability?

A floor’s stability highly depends on the quality of the raw material which is used during production. Try to find out whether the manufacturing process of the wood ensures optimum water or moisture content at all time. If so, you’ve got a stable, long-lasting floor.

3 – What can the details tell you about the floor’s quality?

Authentic character, fine textures, beautiful structures … You can learn a lot about a wooden floor’s quality by looking at how much care and thought the manufacturer put into the final details. Make sure to have the ‘simplest of tastes’, and be satisfied with the best.

Beautiful floors should be built to last. That’s why not just Quick-Step’s hardwood floorings but also the matching skirting boards and profiles come with a life-time warranty. Find your perfect floor match thanks to the Quick-Step Floor Advisor.