Why wood planks are a perfect alternative to wood tiles

Can’t decide between wood tiles or planks for your floor? Here are five reasons why planks are a smart alternative.

Quick-Step Perspective Wide Laminate plank flooring

1 – Warm and tender

Only tiles offer the warm, cosy touch and feel of wood? Think again! Modern cutting-edge technologies create an inviting look and authentic touch and feel for any kind of floor plank — hardwood, vinyl or laminate.

2 – Available in many sizes

As wood floor planks come in all sizes you can possibly think of, you won’t be tied to strict sizing requirements when designing your ideal home interior. Short, long, king-size: you’ll easily find the perfect plank size to match your desired style.

3 – Easy to install

Thanks to the Quick-Step Uniclic Multifit system, installing wood floor planks is a piece of cake, even in the smallest corners of a room. In other words: no need for dusty sanding, tricky varnishing, sticky oiling or messy painting.

4 – Maintenance made simple

Worried about using floor planks in bathrooms or kitchens? Relax... There are many types of planks, like waterproof vinyl for instance, that can handle the water. Do you have pets? Not a problem either: Quick-Step’s hardwood, vinyl and laminate floor planks, for example, are noted for their excellent scratch resistance, thanks to their protective finishing layers.

5 – A myriad of styles

Floor planks come in a range of colour tones, styles and finishes. From traditional to glossy, from a contemporary to a weathered look: you’ll easily find one that’s just designed for you! Take a look at the Quick-Step Floor Advisor to find out which type fits your home interior.