How do I create an interior that is both classic and stylish?

Shabby chic interieur met Quick-Step vloer

Soft basic colour palette 

A Shabby Chic interior is characterised by soft, warm colours. Neutral colours are given the upper hand and create the perfect base. Alongside light natural and earthy colours, pastel shades of pink, blue and violet all have their place in this type of interior. If you’re aiming for the Bric-à-brac style, hard, bright colours are also best avoided, as here too, soft colours are very much the thing. Grey and (off-)white are used to provide touches of bright contrast. In an English Victorian interior, feel free to introduce details in silver and bronze.

A characterful floor 

The floor that you select undoubtedly plays its part in creating a good base. Wood is a classic choice for flooring, and is ideal for this kind of interior. Nothing can beat the natural charm and warmth of wood. Choose a robust floor that will last for years and whose character will only be enhanced by the passage of time.

In a Bric-à-brac or Shabby Chic interior, you’d be well advised to opt for a light-coloured floor. Stick to the natural shade of a soft oak floor, or go for more intensively treated floorboards with a grey or whitish tint. Not only is this a truly classic look, but it will also make your room feel lighter and more spacious.

The Victorian style, however, demands a different kind of floor. Here, dark brown, warm floors that showcase the authenticity of the natural product are commonly used.

Elegant furniture

Just as with the floors, wood is also indispensible when it comes to choosing your furniture. For a Victorian interior, once again be sure to opt for darker types of wood. Solid wood furniture in dark wood, heavy chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a classic Chesterfield sofa in dark brown leather would be perfect. The Victorian style is all about stylish grandeur. Curves and curlicues are essential elements too and introduce a degree of dynamism.

Vintage or vintage-look items are also ideal for a classic Bric-à-brac interior. Natural and pastel are the key words when it comes to choosing furniture. Charming, antique furniture really brings the romantic style into your home.

Shabby Chic means stylish, but with blemishes, and this also translates into your choice of furniture. Here, white wooden furniture and heirlooms combined with new, modern items are a match made in heaven. Slightly weather-beaten pieces ensure optimal authenticity and conjure up a bygone era. When choosing your furniture, look out for curved chair and table legs. This design will also introduce a touch of country style into your interior.

For all three interiors, don’t be afraid to keep it simple and serene. Simplicity is the key to creating a classic interior that is both cosy and harmonious. 

Elegant furniture

A nose for conviviality 

The right accessories will perfectly complement your interior design, as well as giving your home that extra special something. But as with everything, take care not to overdo it: the adage that ‘less is more’ still holds true here. Just as with the other classic elements, you’d be well advised to keep clear of bright, striking colours, in order to avoid a head-on collision with the rest of the room.

Cushions with velvet and lace, floral motifs or sequins, nostalgic lampshades, and silver platters and vases: the great thing about Shabby Chic is that there’s no need for everything to fit together perfectly. Natural materials that bear traces of the past (scratches in wood, peeling paint, raw edges, etc.) are ideal.

Flea market finds are the ideal accessories for a classic Bric-à-brac interior. The use of soft fabrics such as cotton and linen, light floral motifs and pastel-coloured chair covers create a homely atmosphere. Soft-coloured fresh flowers such as lilies, roses or hyacinths complete the picture and bring a touch of fresh greenery into your home!

Unlike the Bric-à-brac and Shabby Chic interiors, the Victorian style can carry heavier materials. And what’s more, heavier fabrics, chandeliers and dark (floral) wallpaper chime perfectly with the warm, dark wood that is used for the furniture and the floor.

Classic interior style - Quick-Step

Eternal style 

A classic interior is ultimately timeless. Whether it’s yesterday, today or tomorrow, it always looks stylish. Unaffected (or little affected) by passing trends, it derives its very strength from the power of the familiar. To achieve this, it’s best to opt for basic styling and to choose elements in every area that will withstand the test of time and ever-changing trends. Make no mistake: a classically styled and furnished home is carefully curated, but far from dull!

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