New luxury: oak and marble

Too much of ought is good for nought.

That was literally what did oak and marble in. Both are beautiful natural materials that suffered reputational damage through excessive use by people who favoured these materials as status symbols. Fortunately, they’re back again: ‘white gold’ can once again be displayed without embarrassment - albeit with discretion - and the classic of all wood has been jazzed up with some new, contemporary finishes. A touch of oak or an element of marble is once again considered the epitome of good taste.

Almost the real thing

To many people a marble floor is a long-coveted dream. In combination with the right furnishing, marble is once again an entirely acceptable choice, which Quick-Step has made attainable by developing a laminate in a marble look. Marble Carrara comes in big, square tiles that exude the same amount of class as its natural counterpart, but with all the advantages of a laminate floor. Contrasting elements soften the austere allure of marble. How about combining it with natural materials like wood, or a sheepskin rug?

Quick-Step Oak and marble

Oak, but different

Oak is still the most popular type of wood by far, but at Quick-Step it has recently taken on an entirely new identity. It remains an ideal and long-lasting foundation for interiors in a variety of styles. This timeless archetype can be installed in its purest form, or with a matte or glossy finish. The newest variants include smoked oak and oak in a metallic look. Our line of metallics lend the perfect finishing touch to an industrial-style interior, for example. Besides shiny objects like candlesticks or metal bowls, you can also opt for metallic lamps and furniture. 

Quick-Step Oak , but different

Have we kindled your enthusiasm? How about a sparkly floor? Quick-Step’s Eligna collection contains a pattern in which Silverfrost Technology has been applied to add a bit of glitter to some of the wood pores. The result? A uniquely radiant appeal! Are you interested to find out which look fits your interior best? 

Upload your interior to the Quick-Step website’s ‘Floor Advisor’ and try out a wide range of floors!

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