Would you like to bring a touch of Scandinavia into your home?

Understated, authentic, functional and timeless: Scandinavian influences have been gaining in popularity for quite some time. These days, it’s hard to imagine life without these influences from Denmark, Norway, Finland and other Scandinavian countries. Pure materials, calm colours and functional design above all: the plain interiors might look understated but in fact are simply bursting with character and authenticity. So how can you bring Nordic style into your own home? Read on and you’ll find out!

The secret of Scandinavian beauty lies in a golden combination: on the one hand, there is the simplicity of pure and natural materials, and on the other, the versatility which stems from its timeless nature and multifunctional applications. It’s easy to bring these fabulous qualities into your own interiors.

1. Focus on wood

There can be no doubt that wood is extremely important to Scandinavians. The right floor – think ash, pine or oak – will already have you heading in the right direction. Add the familiar pale wooden furniture, with the emphasis on sleek shapes and lines, and you’ll find it easy to create that distinctive Scandinavian look. Not only does this distinctive wood fulfil its well-known function as a floor, but it can also be used running along the walls or incorporated into furniture!

A touch of Scandinavia into your home: Focus on wood

2. Bring pure nature into the home

Choose unfinished or even weathered furniture in its purest form, as this will truly add a fresh natural touch to your interiors. In addition to wood, wool, felt and even animal hides – and after all, who wouldn’t want one of these beautifully soft layers to sit on? – are also indispensable in a Scandinavian interior. These materials ensure warmth and cosiness during the long, cold winters. What’s more, they’re a perfect reflection of the sustainable Scandinavian lifestyle.

3. Get to work with white (and colour!)

As well as the use of pale materials, Scandinavians also choose soft, understated tints with white as the ultimate base. However, this doesn’t mean that the interior is ‘colourless’. Colourful influences from designers such as Marimekko & Josef Frank also leave their bright traces in the Scandinavian interior. In other words, there is certainly room for bright colours and a bold pattern here and there!

A touch of Scandinavia into your home: work with white and colour

4. Always opt for simplicity

It’s easy to demonstrate that an attractive interior does not depend on the amount of things you have in your home. The three legendary words, ‘less is more’, definitely apply when it comes to Scandinavian country style. It’s all about simple decoration.

A touch of Scandinavia into your home: opt for simplicity