Unique floor with a personal touch

Today’s interiors are a mix of various styles, origins and materials. When it comes to floors, you do not have to limit yourself to one product or style. Combine tiles with a cast floor or wooden planks with concrete. Opt for a playful pattern when laying your wooden floor or alternate various colours and types of wood. It is the way to give your interior a subtle personal touch.
Mix and match Quick-Step’s floors make customisation very simple. You can combine various floors from the same range and the click system enables you to click a playful, personalised floor together in no time. For example, combine two subtle colour variations of the same wood for a surprising twist. The light colours of the Rough White Oak Oiled and Rough Grey Oak Oiled parquet floors from the Quick-Step Imperio collection are perfectly suited to this. Alternatively, go all the way: combine three, four or more types of boards from one collection and make a real statement with your floor. The Impressive laminate collection contains various colour schemes that provide a surprising and fresh effect when combined (see photo) and compliment a vintage look. As if you had gathered the boards yourself but then fresh, new and waterproof too!
Consider the various ways to lay a floor. A gradient effect for example, from light to dark or a herringbone pattern. This classic is back in fashion and not only for parquet floors. Vinyl boards are also well suited to being laid in exciting patterns.
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