Pine laminate flooring: a delicate touch that lasts

Guess who’s back? That’s right: pinewood. Want to add the warm, soft touch of pine to your home interior and make it last for years? Check out Quick-Step’s pine laminate flooring.

Quick-Step's Pine laminate flooring

Delicate meets durable

Warm and trendy. That’s pinewood in a nutshell. But just like spruce, pine is a soft wood species. Quick-Step’s pine laminate flooring, however, combines the decorative perkiness of an authentic pinewood look with the practical advantages of laminate flooring: easy maintenance, optimal scratch-resistance and — most of all — the right kind of hardness. In other words, your pine laminate floor will easily stand the test of time.

Contemporary style

Pine laminate flooring and Scandinavian design: talk about a match made in heaven! There’s something about the natural flair of pine that makes it work perfectly in a contemporary interior setting. Keep it simple, though. Minimalism is key here.

Impressive benefits

To cap it all, Quick-Step’s pine laminate flooring is one of 16 stylish designs in the new Impressive Ultra collection. Discover its unique textures, harmonious grooves and innovative waterproof coating.

Want to see pine at work in your home interior? Try out Quick-Step’s Floor Advisor.