A new look @ student living

When you think of a typical student apartment, stylish design usually isn't the first thing that pops to mind. Luckily, this is changing. Take the KATHO university college in Kortrijk (Belgium), for example. Some time ago, they started a project to completely re-think the idea of student housing. The result? 'HUB-01', a mobile housing terminal which shares a refreshing vision on the future of student living and learning.

Educational design

'HUB_01' is built around a central hub and features a number of moveable units that can be 'connected' to a floating, transparent pavilion shaped like a huge iPhone. This central part houses all the communal rooms such as the living area, kitchen, shower room, etc. Every individual unit has its own solar panels and heat pump which make it almost completely self-sufficient. Student participation which comes with decorating the rooms and the discussions that go with this stimulate a relaxed and subconscious learning process in line with the principle of 'educational design'.

Personalisation is everywhere

Around the central hub are a series of personalised rooms, each of them based around a different theme. One of the rooms for example is inspired by 'passive living': its walls are completely clad with solar panels and a wind-turbine is placed on the roof. Another one has an integrated skate ramp. Three minimalistic white units of 6 m² each, provide a bed, toilet and workspace to those students who want to live and work without being distracted.

Back 2 basics

Another absolute eye-catcher of 'HUB_01' is the 'back 2 basics' room. Ecology, back to nature, inside-outside and cocooning are the key words to describe this space. A green outer wall – covered in plants - and a wooden inner wall are reminiscent of a tree house. The floor and walls are entirely made out of Quick-Step laminate – laid in a chequered pattern, which creates a playful and warm atmosphere.

Time to get inspired!

With this project, KATHO and its partners hope to inspire universities, teachers and students to innovate their learning process. If you wish to get inspired yourself, you can visit 'HUB_01' in the city of Kortrijk or read more about it at www.hub01.com.

Note: KATHO and KHBO will become 'Katholieke Hogeschool VIVES' as of September 2013.

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