Quick-Step @ Ideal Home 2013

Ideal Home Show

At this year's Ideal Home Show, Quick-Step is introducing 3 new engineered wood and 2 new Laminate innovations that are natural down to the core, every single one of them eye-catchers to grace your home interior! You can find us at stand 1L80.

Today, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without wood: an iPad cover in woodprint, a wood design Vespa, handbags and shoes in a wood look, etc. …Wood is sexy. And it just so happens that wood designs are the very thing Quick-Step is passionate about!

NEW: Imperio Parquet 

Quick-Step Imperio parquet

Floors that are even longer and wider? You are looking at Quick-Step's Imperio floors, which come in a very comfortable 2 m 20 by 22 cm size. The length lends your room an untold sense of depth whilst the width offers an exclusive look, highlighting the feel of authenticity and craftsmanship of real wood. It is as if authentic vintage planks from the townhouses of the past are now gracing your living room, kitchen or bedroom and you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.

These designs are floors for lovers of an authentic and rough wood look. In order to lend the magnificent weathered look of the engineered wood planks even greater impact, the knots and the cracks are even bigger and deeper and the brush is even deeper and more authentic.

NEW: Variano Parquet

Quick-Step Variano parquet

The Quick-Step Variano collection is an innovative collection that is brand new in the world of engineered wood flooring. When you saw a tree into large planks, what do you do with the remaining bits? Quick-Step would not be Quick-Step if it failed to produce a stunning, unprecedented floor with those sections.

The planks used in the Quick-Step Variano line are made up of a multiplicity of small planks with differing lengths, widths and finishes - long and short, wide and narrow, rough and even, having large and small knots, one slightly straighter than the next, perfectly even or with a saw cut – machined into a delightful eye-catcher with a distinct reclaimed look.

NEW patterns for Quick-Step Villa Parquet

Quick-Step Villa parquet

As part of the existing Villa series (traditional 3-strip planks) 4 designs have been given a new pattern. The colour remains unchanged, however the number of strips per plank has been reduced from 24 to maximum 9 per plank.

This makes for longer strips, which means that the strips are effectively softer and less marked. The plank is elegant, giving your room added length and depth. The 4 natural designs are matt varnished, brushed and have no joints.

NEW: Classic & Largo laminate

Quick-Step Classic and Largo laminate

  • Classic: the existing classic collection is a success story. This year, Quick-Step gives alternative and additional choices in the range by responding to the trends and adding some light, neutral colours. The collection is extended by seven new oak designs, responding to the prevailing trend of time-aged, reclaimed floors.
  • Largo: the Large collection now includes 6 new designs: 2 classical oak looks, 2 romantic designs and 2 soft, reclaimed floors.
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