Quick-Step presents: top-notch, flexible skirting boards

Every floor deserves the perfect finishing touch. That’s why Quick-Step proudly launches its brand-new, flexible skirting boards.

Quick-Step Flexible skirting boards

Happy go round

A beautiful finish for round pillars or curved walls? Look no further! Quick-Step’s paintable, flexible skirting boards — made out of supple yet durable foam — are cut out for the job. 4 cm high and 1.4 cm thick, they’re available in the length of your choice and using a good contact glue or a rubber-based construction adhesive*, they can be attached to any kind of curved surface.

Make it match

Got a curved wall? Unless your home is where the Oval Office is, your room probably has several regular ones as well. Quick-Step’s flexible skirting boards always come with a non-flexible counterpart. So you can finish every wall in style!

Ready for a spin? Find out more about Quick-Step’s flexible skirting boards at your local dealership.

*Note that these flexible skirting boards cannot be fitted with Quick-Step’s One4All Glue.