A sneak peek into Mark Cavendish’ country house, featuring Quick-Step hardwood!

Come on in, have a look around: Mark Cavendish — one of the world’s most famous cyclists — invites you into his mansion in Tuscany, Italy. Discover why he chose Quick-Step’s hardwood flooring to create a stunningly light and spacious home.

Mark Cavendish' country house feature Hardwood Flooring Variano Painted White Oak Oiled

Taking centre stage

One of the main eye-catchers in Mark’s Tuscan home? That would have to be Quick-Step’s Variano hardwood flooring. The floors in this collection naturally blend in with the mansion’s contemporary interior design which combines a lot of glass with white surfaces. Moreover, the Variano floors — with their renovated, reclaimed look and subtle edges, cracks and colours — were the perfect match for Mark’s idiosyncratic taste.

Mark: “I looked through stacks of flooring samples. But then I was decided – I quickly fell in love with the Variano Painted White Oak Oiled! I love how it’s now a major part of the house, which had to be a place where I can enjoy family life and not have to be Cavendish — the cyclist — all the time.”

Mark Cavendhis' country house feature Hardwood Flooring Variano Painted White Oak Oiled

An authentic look that lasts

Mark’s stunning floor not only captures the authentic look of wood, it also features Quick-Step’s high-quality oil. This allows the floor to age gracefully and develop its own, quirky character over time. The carefully selected oak wood also ensures optimal stability and durability, while its white tones fit seamlessly with the mansion’s contemporary design.

Sports meet style

Besides areas of living space, Mark also chose Quick-Step hardwood for his fitness room. There, he laid the Natural Noble Oak Matt floor, which comes with a beautiful organic oak look. The long, elegant planks add a sense of space to the room. Meanwhile, the floor’s natural colours create a beautiful contrast with the gleaming metal and plastic of Mark’s training equipment.

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Mark Cavendish