5 advantages of vinyl flooring

Vinyl floors are known for their warm and soft atmosphere but they also come with a number of other advantages.

1: Fast installation

Installation is a breeze thanks to the practical Uniclic click system. Also, there is no need to buy expensive tools: the Uniclic system helps you assemble the planks manually. In short: vinyl is the ideal solution for those who like to keep it simple.

Quick-Step Livyn installation

2: Easy maintenance

Vinyl also offers several advantages in terms of maintenance e.g. vinyl floors are dust- and water-resistant. Frequent vacuuming or mopping is enough to keep your floor in premium condition for years to come.

3: No more cold feet

Many people like to run around barefoot, both in summer and in winter. Sadly enough this often results in cold feet. A vinyl floor provides the perfect solution: not only is it warm to the touch, it is also a soft surface to walk on. Nothing but benefits for all you barefoot walkers!

4: Welcome anywhere

Vinyl floors can be used in any room of the house. It is an anti-dust type of floor that will last many years, even in a humid environment.

5: Solid durability

Vinyl floors are sturdy and durable. Thanks to the top layer it is also quite pressure-resistant, making it the ideal surface for heavily used rooms.

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Quick-Step Vinyl Livyn flooring, balance

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