Are you expecting a lot of visitors? Then protect your floor as best you can!

The festive season will soon be upon us, and that means receiving a lot of visitors. So, how do you protect your flooring as much as possible at Christmas time?

Protect your floor as best you can: Keep it clean

Keep it clean

Guests unwittingly carry dirt into the house on their shoes. You can prevent this as much as possible with the use of a doormat or a floor cloth by the front door. This will ensure that the dirt and moisture from their shoes is not walked straight into the house and onto your floor.

Spilled something? Then clean it up immediately! We may sometimes spill wine or champagne onto the floor, and that in itself is no great disaster. However, do wipe this up as quickly as possible in order to prevent the floor from becoming marked.

Use floor protection

On Christmas Eve, tables and chairs are bound to be moved around a little. This is not a problem, given that our laminate and vinyl flooring is Scratch Guarded and is therefore scratch-resistant. However, prevention is better than the cure. For example, you could use protective pads under the table and chairs, which will prolong the life of your flooring for maximum enjoyment.

In other areas you could place a few rugs in strategic places before the festivities, for example, around the kitchen sink, by the coffee table, or under your sofas… This will protect your flooring in places where it is likely to get dirty.

Protect your floor as best you can: Use floor protection

Eager for more expert tips and advice? Check out our comprehensive maintenance instructions page.

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