Floors through the centuries

Floors through the centuries

Source: "Les raboteurs de parquet" by Gustave Caillebotte  (1875) - Oil on canvas - Musée d´Orsay - Paris.

Wooden floors make your house a home: they knew that back in the 16th century already, and since that time wood has always remained a beloved floor covering. Today, the choice of parquet and laminate floors is greater than ever.

Let’s take a brief trip into the past and revisit the most important moments in the history of the wooden floor.

The advent of wood floors

As of the 16th century, the wealthy bourgeoisie began installing wood floors in their homes. They had air-dried planks laid side by side in their castles and town houses. There still was no knowledge of drying ovens or wood treatment. And ordinary folk? Well, they had to be satisfied with tamped-down earth...

The first parquet floor

The first parquet floors appeared in the Middle Ages. That was the first floor which was processed in different ways.

Hardwood was the most popular type of wood. In those days, parquet was particularly expensive: you only found it in palaces and large town houses.

Industrialisation causes prices to fall

Parquet became more affordable thanks to the industrial revolution at the beginning of 19th century, because henceforth wood was mechanically processed and artificially dried.

At the beginning of 20th century the American Alex Clarke invented the first wood processing machines, and since then the production has become much more efficient - and the quality improved substantially as well.

Floors through the centuries
Source: napervillehardwood.com

Extensive range

Today you have an especially wide choice in wood floors. Discover our parquet collection here.

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