How to turn flooring into a special moment: our 4 suggestions

Installing your own floor is quite a challenge but it doesn’t have to feel like a hefty chore. It can also be the start of a great story, one you will look back on fondly for years to come.

How to turn flooring into a special moment

1: Invite your friends

Inviting your friends is the most obvious way of turning the job into a special moment. Many hands make light work and the more the merrier. Inviting friends will make it feel less like a chore and more like a hobby project. There’s strength in numbers! 

2: Play a game with your children

Entertaining a group of enthusiastic children can really take it out of you. An easy way to quieten things down is the ‘sleeping lions’ game. It’s a game with ‘hunters’ and ‘lions’ where the lions have to lie perfectly still. The lions that move must join the hunters and try to make the remaining lions move without tickling or touching them. The game is used to calm the children down so everyone can get back to work.

How to turn flooring into a special moment

3: Make a time capsule

Imagine how fun and fascinating it would be for the future owner of the property to find old newspapers under the floor. You’d be giving that new owner a taste of the past as well as letting him know when the floor was installed. Isn’t that a nice touch?

4: For the advanced: make a video

Nowadays nearly every camera includes a video function. You can record the entire installation process, for instance, and then play back the video at X times the speed (fast playback). 

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