Interior design at one with nature: How it is done

Nowadays, purely natural things have gained in popularity, and that also applies to interior design. The nude & neutral trend immediately stands out because of the use of gentle, earthy colours and identifiable, unprocessed materials. Simple and sober has become very fashionable. We can already give you a few tips on how to be up-to-date with this trend.

Interior design at one with nature: how it is done

Opt for real wood

Natural materials are really in fashion. Wooden floors are again allowed to look rough and untreated. There is no longer any need to hide those little imperfections as they add a hint of charm. The floor should preferably be matte, just like natural wood. This is why we have developed an extra matte coating for some of our parquet flooring. The Variano and Palazzo Quick-Step parquet collections fit in perfectly with this trend and create a warm atmosphere in the home, without having to make any sacrifices in terms of durability and quality.

Combine & vary colours

For the nude & neutral trend you opt for colours that are a throwback to nature and gentleness. Natural and neutral does not mean, however, that you have to paint everything white. Quite the opposite, by combining different shades of colour you will be introducing a feeling of calm and space into your interior.

Not too severe

In contemporary interior design, we often notice that materials and products are being re-used. On the one hand, this is due to their durability, and on the other hand, also due to their inherent charm and the hint of nonchalance. A patchwork wooden floor therefore fits in perfectly with this, featuring boards of varying widths, lengths, and finishes... 

The Quick-Step Variano collection combines various pure properties into one board that is easy to install. Rough and smooth boards of various dimensions are carefully combined to create a unique and nonchalant look. In this way, we combine the authenticity of old floorboards with the ease of installation of Quick-Step products.

Looking for more inspiration? Then check our Pinterest Board or use the Floor Advisor to experiment!

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