Laminate & floor heating: an ideal combination!

Yes, you can perfectly combine the pleasant, warm feeling of a wooden floor with floor heating! Moreover, floor heating has a number of other interesting advantages. And did you know that the floor heating concept goes back centuries?

Laminate and floor heating an ideal combination

Roman principle

Floor heating has only really established itself in recent decades, but the idea was already familiar to the Romans. They created a hollow space beneath the floor through which they forced warm air. That basic principle still applies today - although not with hollow spaces, but instead (water) pipes or electrical cables.

Types of installation

There are two major installation techniques for floor heating: wet construction and dry construction. With the first option, the pipes are fully integrated into a screed layer. This solution is interesting for both new construction and renovation. The second option is primarily useful for the limited renovation of existing homes. In order to generate heat, you can choose either an electrical system or one using hot water.

Advantages of floor heating

It’s often believed that floor heating isn’t possible together with laminate, parquet and vinyl. But don´t worry, all Quick-Step floors (with the exception of ash and beech parquet) are suitable for laying on traditional low-temperature floor heating. Moreover, floor heating has several additional advantages:

  • Floor heating offers a large radiation surface with a low temperature, thus assuring a pleasant heat and a low air temperature. 
  • You don´t lose any (wall) space to radiators.
  • It’s more energy efficient, and can be easily combined with e.g. solar panels or heat pumps.

Concern for quality

Follow the simple laying instructions that you’ll find on our site and you can easily enjoy both the beauty of your Quick-Step floor and the comfort of floor heating. All installation tips and technical info for floor heating and/or cooling: