Marble is back on trend!

Quality always comes back: what was regarded as kitsch a while ago is now back in vogue. The material of the moment for your interior is marble.

 Quick-Step Marble Carrara Laminate

Moderate use of marble adds style to a room, but it is an expensive material. To avoid too much expense, you can opt for alternatives offering the same look and feel, such as Quick-Step Marble Carrara laminate. These large square tiles radiate as much class as natural stone, and have all the advantages of a laminate floor. Marble effect wallpaper is also a nice way to bring your room to life.

Combine (in moderation)

Marble goes best with a neutral colour palette and natural elements or with white or black elements. Marble is easy to integrate in your interior. For the kitchen you combine oak units with a marble worktop, for example. The bathroom also offers a wide range of combinations. Do make sure the end result is always in good taste, and watch out for excessive use. Check out our other tips on using marble in your interior.