“Fan of the warmth and natural look of wood”

Quick-Step Impressive Ultra Laminate

At the end of 2014, Kristof, Loes and their son Ewoud left their apartment behind to move into a new, modern home. "We wanted lots of light, shades of white and natural elements in our new home," Loes says. "We also had a clear concept of what we wanted for our flooring: natural, warm wood. With the Impressive Ultra laminate collection, we brought that concept to life."

"We wanted to create an ideal mix of comfort and design," Loes says. "We built our new home completely from scratch. The house is now a perfect reflection of our character and taste: a modern take on the countryside style."

Quick-Step Impressive Ultra Laminate


Loes: "Initially, we gravitated towards parquet, but we were won over by the practical benefits of laminate flooring, particularly as we did not have to compromise in terms of the look and feel."

The Impressive Ultra floor looks like a real, authentic wooden floor and also feels like one. "Every time friends or family visit us, they are surprised to hear our flooring is actually laminate. After they have touched the boards, they are even more incredulous! The floor’s warm character and subtle grooves and structure matches our style perfectly."


With a toddler running around the house, the floor sees quite a lot of action: crafts, playtime, even spills of water or other drinks. "The Impressive Ultra collection is perfect for our type of environment. The floor is waterproof and extremely easy to maintain," Loes says. "That's why we also chose to have the floor almost everywhere on all levels. It’s the ideal solution for us, and we are still delighted with it every day!"

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