Can I steam my vinyl flooring?

You adore your vinyl floor. And nothing tops your steam cleaner’s convenience. But do these two to make a great couple? Let’s find out.

Steam vinyl flooring

Take the necessary precautions

Yes, you can use a steam cleaner to clean your vinyl floor – if you consider three important rules of thumb, that is. First of all, steam at half-power. That means you need a steamer with variable steam strength. Next, a proper fibre cloth is crucial, as it prevents direct contact between the steam and your vinyl floor. Finally, don’t clean too much on the same place, especially on a vinyl floor with deep bevels or grooves. That way, you keep water from seeping into the joints and damaging the subfloor.

Watch out with glued vinyl planks

Because hot steam might dissolve the glue, the gap between the planks make your vinyl floor more vulnerable for steam damage. You can avoid this problem by choosing vinyl planks with an easy click system.

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