How to install your Quick-Step Livyn floor

Quick-Step Livyn floors can be installed in two different ways: floating or glued down.

Livyn floor Installation method
Ambient Click Floating (i.e. without glue)
Ambient Click+
Floating (i.e. without glue)
Balance Click
Floating (i.e. without glue)
Balance Click+
Floating (i.e. without glue)
Essential Click V4 Floating (i.e. without glue)
Essential Glue down
Essential V4 Glue down
Essential Pro Glue down

1. Floating installation

Thanks to their patented Uniclic (Multifit) system, the Livyn floors can be laid in a jiffy. The handy tongue and groove system allows you to lay the floor planks with a single 'click' and without any glue or other materials.

'Ambient Click' & 'Balance Click':

'Essential Click':

2. Glued down installation

You can also use the traditional 'glue down' method if you want. This method does not require expansion joints or skirting boards. Simply use the dedicated Quick-Step Livyn Glue.