Quick-Step laminate flooring: captivating by design

Quick-Step laminate flooring stands out by its sheer quality and ease of use, but what catches the eye immediately is how amazing it looks. The secret? True perfectionism when it comes to design, and an eye for detail. It’s this mind-set that compels Quick-Step’s in-house designers to produce flooring collections that awe and inspire, year in, year out. So you can make your dream interior come true.

Trending today, classics tomorrow

Quick-Step’s designers draw inspiration from a variety of sources: from innovative architecture and trends in fashion or interior design to the latest blogs, the hippest cities and the most remarkable up-and-coming artists. They keep a close eye on emerging new materials, as well as the latest fashion palette.

That’s how they spot trends long before they manifest themselves, and manage to differentiate between hype and timelessness, between fads and well-thought-out concepts. As a result, Quick-Step laminate floors aren’t just trendy today, they will be classics tomorrow as well.

Passion for detail

Step by step, the designers dream up new and unique floors, with innovative and exciting combinations of structures and materials, colours and wood designs. The common thread in this process? An eye for detail, from finding the perfect plank structure and appropriate size, to carefully balancing colours and bevels.

A commitment to naturalness

Quick-Step’s unrelenting commitment to design is evident in even the smallest details. Take the Impressive Ultra laminate serie for example: the innovative bevel technology ensures that the planks’ colour and structure blend perfectly with the edges. The result is an unmatched level of realism.

Furthermore, every design has its own unique bevel, adapted to the character of the plank. For an extra touch of authenticity, the joints show minute cracks.