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hallway flooring

A quick glance, perhaps three or four seconds. That’s all it takes for your freshly arrived guests to form an opinion about your lovely home. In other words: your hallway is the perfect place to make a great first impression. A grand staircase, a modern mezzanine, a massive window in an arch-shaped wall: not all of us have a hallway big enough to create an entry like that. Luckily, your hallway floor might just do the trick!

Stylish, functional floors

But first things first: your hallway flooring should be functional and highly resistant to wear, tear and moisture. After all, people will be coming in constantly, bringing in the outside weather. But why lay a first-rate floor that’s built to last, if no one can see it? If you really want to make an impression, then do away with the dark and bring in the bright colours and stylish flooring designs. This will create the allure of a grand hallway. And before you know it, your floor will be on everyone’s lips, awing your guests from the moment they step inside.

Why you’ll love Quick-Step in your hallway

A floor that can take a lot of traffic

Visitors in their soaked shoes or pointy high heels, guests dragging around suitcases, dropping purses or bringing in sharp, wet umbrellas... At times, your hallway faces tough conditions that can leave your floor covered in scratches and stains. Quick-Step laminate or vinyl flooring is perfect for the job, though. Especially thanks to the patented Scratch Guard and Stain Guard technology, keeping your hallway flooring fit to impress at all times.

And did you know Amato is the only authentic wood floor that is watertight? Our Cascada range is beautifully suited to every room of your home, including your kitchen, hallway and bathroom.

Rainproof inside

Wind, rain, perhaps even snow. Whatever the weather outside, it might make its way into your hallway as people come in or leave. Afraid your floor won’t stand up to moisture? No need to worry with 100% waterproof vinyl flooring. Or how about Quick-Step’s MuseEligna, Impressive (Ultra) and Majestic laminate flooring, with its cutting-edge water-repellent HydroSeal coating? Perhaps, next time, you might even be happy when it rains!

Showing dirt the door

Your guests are arriving. You open the door. To your embarrassment, you notice your hallway flooring is the only spot in the house you forgot to sweep. Sounds familiar? With Quick-Step flooring, however, you’ll get your hallway floor ready for your dinner or house guests in no time. Sealed flooring surfaces, anti-static joints: those are just two cleaning tricks that Quick-Step floors have up their sleeve. Ideal for some last-minute emergency housework.

The class of 33

Desperate times call for desperate measures: if your hallway or entry suffer hardship that is greater than average, you needn’t lower your standards on finding the laminate flooring of your dreams. Quick-Step’s laminate, for instance, can be used in a vast range of different areas and conditions it’s even available in class 33 for heavy commercial use. The perfect way to create the best living or working conditions for you and your floor.

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Laminate, timber or vinyl: which should you pick?

Talk about under pressure – floors in the hallway don’t just have to stand up to heavy traffic and snow, rain or dirt; they also have to make a great first impression on guests and visitors. Ideally, they should also minimise the clattering and thumping of many shoes on the floor in one place. Alternately, if you have a ‘no-shoes’ policy, hallway floors need to feel inviting to slippered, bare or socked feet.

Best choice


  • Great for heavy traffic: resistant to moisture, dirt and scratches
  • Time-saving: easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable: comes with a warranty from 20 years to lifetime
  • DIY-friendly: easy to install
  • Cosy: warm and soft to tread on

Get inspired

Quick-Step floors are extremely versatile, which means they can be used throughout the house. And thanks to the wide range of designs & styles - from classic to trendy - there is bound to be a Quick-Step floor for every room in the house.

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