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Wood for Life, authenthic floors for a lifetime

Surface & Edge Protect+ technology
preserves timber floors

Surface & Edge Protect+
to the rescue

Allergic to dirt and scratches? We hear you. To make sure you enjoy your home with as few worries as possible, we developed the Surface & Edge Protect+ technology. Say goodbye to dirt, dust and moisture settling into the edges and grains of your wooden flooring. Your wood floor is protected in so many different ways, it will easily keep its authentic look. You don’t have to worry about moisture seeping into the wood and leaving marks. Try a wood floor that’s just as strong as it is beautiful to behold.

Quick-Step timber floors with Surface & Edge Protect+


Quick-Step surface and edge protect+
  1. Easy-to-clean surface
  2. Thanks to a unique coating system that covers the full surface, even in the deepest surface textures, your Surface & Edge Protect+ floor is protected from water and easy to clean.

  3. No dark joints
  4. During cleaning, water and dirt are barred from entering the wood pores, thanks to a unique hydro repellent coating system.

  5. No water infiltration
  6. The Hydroseal coating on all 4 sides stops all water from leaking through and causing damage to the bottom of your floor. Amato only.

Timber floors without Surface & Edge Protect+


  1. Difficult-to-clean surface
  2. Without a high-quality coating system that protects even the deepest textures, your floors are less protected against water absorption and are more difficult to clean.

  3. Dark joints
  4. Without a unique hydro repellent coating system, you’re likely to encounter water and dirt infiltrating the wood pores.

  5. Water might damage the floor and everything underneath
  6. A lack of water-repellent coating may give water a chance to leak through and damage your floor and anything underneath.

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