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white laminate flooring Quick-Step

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White laminate flooring: get the best floor for your room

An ambient living room is not complete without a perfect floor. It is not always easy to find the right floor for your house, what is the right design for you, and which floor meets your needs? If you are looking for a good floor that adds that extra touch to your living room, then our white laminate flooring is all you need. Check out the varieties and choose the one you love the most.

White laminate flooring brings peace and space to your room

Do you wish your room was a bit larger? Then white oak laminate flooring is all you need. Laminate white adds a fresh touch to your room without any effort because white is associated with timelessness and spaciousness. With this high-quality flooring, your room will turn into a center of peace where you can recharge after a long day of work. If you want more color in your room, then use contrasting colors to energize the room where you can relax and chill or be as productive as you want.

How to choose the right white laminate flooring?

Quick-Step offers white laminate flooring with a very realistic wooden appearance. This makes this floor a must-have for everyone who is aiming to create a cozy living space. If you want to add some natural characteristics you can go for the Charlotte Oak White floor. This floor is almost indistinguishable from any real oak wood floor, you only notice the difference in the costs. The planks have grooves on the side which adds a natural look to them. Perfection can be found in the details!

white laminate flooring Quick-Step

Discover our white laminate floors

Glossy or matt laminate flooring?

The wide variety of floors guarantees that you will always find the right one for your room. If you want a shiny floor, you can buy the regular White Planks that are suitable for intensive use. If you are aiming at a modern living space, the new Chalk floor from Quick-Step is all you need. This amazing floor has a bright layer that gives it its authentic look. This laminate is also compatible with floor heating.

Matching floor

Floors are used intensively and therefore you should aim for the highest quality. If you choose the Stain & Scratch guard laminate, no dirt will fall between the planks. The laminate is covered by a dirt expelling layer that prevents water or sand to fall within the joints. Your floor will look new even after many years of intensive use. The colors will last forever which makes this floor perfectly suitable for your living room.

white laminate flooring Quick-Step

How to install your white laminate flooring?

If you want to install your white laminate flooring, you do not need the assistance of an expert. The revolutionary Uniclic system enables you to install the floor by yourself in almost no time. You do not need any glue because the planks will connect to each other almost automatically. In case you had an accident and you need to repair a part of your floor, you can easily lift the damaged part and replace it by a new plank. Do you already know what you want? It’s time to roll up your sleeves to get started!

how to install white laminate flooring Quick-Step