Quality laminate flooring that lasts a lifetime

At Quick-Step, we put a lot of effort and heart into protecting your floor. To prove just how much, our laminate floors come with a warranty* of up to 25 years. Here’s how we make quality the main ingredient of Quick-Step laminate.

Scratch-, wear- and impact-resistant to the core

Quick-Step laminate flooring consist of high-density fibre (HDF) core boards that we make in-house. In addition, the top layer has patented, ultra-protective Scratch Guard layer, giving your laminate floors get the highest possible level of protection against falling objects, pointy high heels and other sharp objects. Even burning cigarettes dropping on your floor don’t stand a chance against this ultra-resistant top layer.

Solid click system

Quick-Step laminate floors boast a world-famous and patented Uniclic system. Besides making installation a piece of cake, this system is also far stronger and more durable than its less enhanced counterparts.

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Light-resistant & antistatic

Want to avoid dust from piling up without having to clean every other hour of the day? We’ve got just the trick! Quick-Step laminate flooring receives a patented, permanent anti-static treatment. This makes unpleasant electrostatic discharges a thing of the past — even in dry internal climate conditions — and attracts far less dust.

Splash proof

The Quick-Step Uniclic system not only comes with a water-resistant glued base plate, it also boasts excellent tensile strength (thanks to pre-tensioning during production). That way, Quick-Step laminate floors are protected against surface moisture and can more than surely handle a spill.

Resistant to (UV) light

We know that you want to let sunshine in at home. So, what’s stopping you? Afraid of the effect of discolouration over time? No worries: our laminate floors never turn pale when exposed to normal levels of (sun)light.

*Note: Using maintenance, cleaning and installation solutions other than the genuine Quick-Step solutions can seriously damage your Quick-Step floor. In that case, the warranty offered by Quick-Step will no longer be valid. Only apply Quick-Step solutions. After all, these were especially designed and tested for use with our floors.