Give your timber floor the perfect finish

Ready to floor your guests with your brand-new Quick-Step timber floor? Not so fast! How about a nice skirting board to take the edge off, or a profile to ease them in? Here’s everything you need to complete the picture.

Why Quick-Step skirting boards?

  • A PERFECT MATCH: for every Quick‑Step timber floor there's a skirting board in a perfectly matching colour.

  • REAL VENEER: equipped with a quality veneer surface, Quick-Step skirting boards can really take the rough and tumble of everyday life.

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Quick-Step skirting boards can be installed in no time. They can easily be glued to the wall with Quick-Step One4All glue.

Videos about finishing

How to use the Incizo 5 in 1 finishing profile

How to install wood floors on your stairs

How to install skirtings with your wood flooring

Skirting boards to match your style

Thanks to our collection, you’ll always find a skirting board that matches your floor, taste and style. What’s more, every skirting board has been quality tested and comes with a complete Quick-Step guarantee.

A discreet finish to your floor. Can also be used as a finish in combination with existing skirting boards.
2400 x 17 x 17 mm

Profiles for that perfect finish

With the patented Quick-Step Incizo profile, you can give your wood floor or even your staircase a perfect finish. No matter what Quick-Step floor you like best, there’s always a perfectly matching colour available.

NEWINCPBASE Parquet Accessories Quick-Step Incizo Stair Base for 14mm Timber floors - 2.15m long NEWINCPBASE3
Incizo Stair Base
To be used in combination with the Incizo profile for application of Incizo on stairs or steps.
QSWINCP Parquet Accessories Incizo Profile (matching colour) QSWINCP01473
Incizo Profile
This veneer profile, with patented Incizo technology, is extremely handy to give your floor and stairs that perfect finish. You can use one and the same profile for all finishing situations: between two floors of the same height or with difference in height, as a transition to a wall, window or carpet, ... . Simply cut the basic Incizo profile to the shape required using the supplied slitter. Screws and plugs included. For application on stairs or steps, please order the Incizo aluminium subprofile for stairs separately.
2150 x 54 x 17 mm