Quality timber flooring for a lifetime of enjoyment

At Quick-Step, we want you to enjoy your timber floor for as long as you please. That is why we combine all our know-how and energy into delivering cutting-edge quality. Our lifetime of residential warranty for every Quick-Step timber floor serves as a token of our commitment. Wondering how we can make you this offer? Here’s how.

Every layer counts

Quick-Step timber floors consist of various layers of wood that are perfectly attuned to each other. This helps to make them resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, two of wood’s worst foes. In addition, Quick-Step makes sure to select its raw materials with highest care and closely monitors the moisture content during production. The result? Timber flooring with optimal stability and durability: now that’s a guarantee! 

Finishing first

Quick-Step’s passion for wood not only shows up in our timber floors’ authentic texture, but also in the tiniest finishing details: 

  • Our lacquered timber floors are treated with not just one, but seven layers of UV-cured water-based lacquer. 
  • Our oiled timber floors come with two layers of first-rate oil, resulting in an extra matt and — above all — authentic look that will stand the test of time. If you maintain it with some simple care, that is!

Uniclic Multifit, a solid system

Laying a Quick-Step timber floor is quick and easy thanks to the patented (and globally renowned) Uniclic Multifit click system. In addition, the installation system is also a lot stronger and more durable than alternative systems on the market.

Maximum pleasure, minimum maintenance

The new water-repellent Protect+ technology prevents water from penetrating the wood and making the joints dirty. This helps to keep the gaps between the planks looking as good as new. Thanks to a unique combination of these properties and authentic floor designs, you can enjoy the floor’s beauty and quality for years to come without worrying.