I'm susceptible to allergies. Is Quick-Step Laminate a good choice?


I'm susceptible to allergies. Is Quick-Step Laminate a good choice?

Absolutely. Thanks to the closed surface structure there can be no collection or accumulation of dust or dirt. Dust mite and other allergy-causing organisms cannot survive on a clean Laminate floor. This helps you protect your home from allergens, which is extremely important for people suffering from asthma or dust allergies. Also the V-grooves between the planks of certain Quick-Step floors will be kept clean with the regular cleaning of the floor.

Moreover, the sealed surface and finishing makes a Quick-Step floor very easy to clean. We recommend cleaning your floor dry, using the Quick-Step microfiber mop. Every now and then you can also clean your Quick-Step Laminate floor with a damp (slightly moistened) mop. Make sure to add the Quick-Step cleaning product. This doesn’t contain any wax, varnish or polish, which could attract and retain dust.

The perfectly sealed surface, in combination with the correct cleaning technique (mop and cleaning product) will guarantee complete removal of all dust, including fine dust.

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